Zambia Child Immunizations

Digital vaccination register solution in Zambia with 32,000+ children registered and 324,000+ vaccinations given.

WHO ANC Reference App

Logos, merchandise, and more. Anyone can create nice graphics. We think it’s better to create memorable ones.

Reveal Malaria Eradication

Geospatial tool supporting decision makers and managers to guide and track delivery of in-field malaria interventions.

THRIVE Bangladesh

Health promotion and family planning have been an important priority for Bangladesh since independence in 1971. The Directorate General of Health Services is charged with oversight of family planning services and aspects of maternal and child health. DGHS has jurisdiction over all other health services, with an emphasis on childhood vaccinations.

THRIVE Pakistan

This deployment focused on developing solutions for household registers, vaccination registers, and a stock register. The deployment took place in Korangi town, a diverse urban area within Karachi, with much of the population of 1.2 million unable to afford private care, most depend on the public health sector for essential services.

THRIVE Indonesia

This deployment took place in the the West Nusa Tenggara province, on the small island of Lombok in the Indonesian archipelago. Many of the island’s 3.2 million inhabitants live too far from the primary health facilities (puskesmas) where doctors and other skilled physicians are placed, limiting access to quality health care services.

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