Integration Between MEDSINC and OpenSRP will Link Community-Level Clinical Data with National Health Information Systems

BURLINGTON, Vt. & NAIROBI, Kenya–(BUSINESS WIRE)–THINKMD and Ona announced today a technical partnership focused on integrating the functionality of THINKMD’s MEDSINC frontline health worker clinical assessment platform with OpenSRP, a comprehensive open-source point of care case management platform for frontline health workers developed by Ona with the World Health Organization and a consortium of leading global technical and health research partners. This combined offering will enable users to seamlessly connect real-time clinical assessment and monitoring data from field-based health programs to local, regional and national health information systems. Health systems will capture more accurate and timely population health information, thereby improving the quality of healthcare delivered by government and non-government healthcare programs and agencies.

THINKMD is a global healthcare innovation company dedicated to eliminating preventable deaths through expanding healthcare capacity and access worldwide. THINKMD’s first product, MEDSINC, is a mobile clinical assessment platform that utilizes proprietary clinical logic to enable anyone anywhere to assess the sickness of a child and provide triage and treatment recommendations. Ona is a Kenyan and US-based technology solutions company that focuses on global health and humanitarian challenges. OpenSRP, on which Ona is the technical lead, is a mHealth platform aimed at connecting frontline health workers to national health systems. OpenSRP currently powers the national electronic immunization registry in Zambia and will soon be adopted in Tanzania and Kenya. OpenSRP is designed to integrate with national health information systems like DHIS2 and OpenMRS, in addition to being interoperable with RapidPro, the SMS communications platform developed by Nyaruka and UNICEF.

“MEDSINC offers a missing piece to the global digital health landscape,” said Ona co-founder and CEO, Matt Berg. “The ability to empower minimally-skilled health workers with this level of clinical assessment intelligence is significant. We are thrilled to be able to make this IMCI functionality available to our users through OpenSRP.”

“We have been continually impressed with the track record and technical acumen of the Ona team,” said Dr. Barry Finette, founder and CEO of THINKMD. “Their capabilities, product suite, and strategic alignment complement our technology by linking our patient-level data to DHIS2 and other national level health systems. This will enable adopters to significantly improve health outcomes for patients and communities with the greatest need.”

THINKMD’s MEDSINC clinical assessment technology offers a high quality integrated frontline clinical assessment solution for partners looking to implement within the World Health Organization’s Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) or Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) protocols. MEDSINC improves the clinical capacity of frontline health workers, while acquiring real-time and geo-tagged data that is captured with each assessment. This community-level data can be routed to OpenSRP’s case management functionality, and be integrated into OpenMRS and DHIS2. Data analytics and visualization offerings from both groups can simplify reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and program management for any health program implementation, whether in a healthcare facility or a community.

The combination of these two technologies provides a program-ready field-based solution, allowing real-time clinical data generated from frontline health workers to be integrated into regional and national health registries and information systems. We envision that this partnership will provide more accurate and timely data and insights to governments and international health agencies and improve resource allocation, reduce response times, and support the measurement of health impacts for national and community-based health programs.

The partnership between THINKMD and Ona is non-exclusive and initially focused on this integrated technical offering. However, based on strategic alignment and complimentary skill sets, both groups plan on broadening this relationship moving forward.


THINKMD is a global healthcare innovation company dedicated to eliminating preventable deaths through expansion of quality healthcare coverage for everyone, everywhere. Founded by two pediatricians, the THINKMD team combines expertise in global health, healthcare delivery, software development, public health, international business and data analytics. Leveraging evidence-based medicine and next-generation technology, THINKMD works to increase healthcare capacity, evolve healthcare delivery, and collect and analyze critical public health data that will improve clinical outcomes, healthcare management, and decision making globally. THINKMD is a registered US based benefit corporation.

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About Ona

The world’s leading humanitarian, development and global health organizations rely on Ona to provide technology solutions to improve their impact and accountability. To achieve this, Ona has developed several globally adopted technology platforms used to promote data driven decision making and improved service delivery. These include Ona Data (mobile data collection), OpenSRP (frontline health worker platform) and Canopy (enterprise data analytics). Ona, which means “to see” in Swahili, is a Kenyan and US based company that has successfully designed and implemented technology solutions in over 20 countries – several at national scale. This includes developing the national electronic immunization registry system in Zambia, the vote tallying system used in the last Libyan elections and the platform used to coordinate DFID’s Humanitarian Response in Somalia.

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